The Basics of Show Jumping

Horses are used for many different types of activities. One segment of the equestrian industry which is most exciting is show jumping. This site is dedicated to this topic and covers a lot of information that should be most interesting to those who want to know more about this particular sport. One of the mandates of this site is to bring more recognition to show jumping, in the hopes that it will spur young riders to consider this particular form of riding so they can contribute to the future of the sport, which can be done in several different ways.

Jumping Horses

We have a few great posts here which act as the beginning of familiarising those who don’t know a lot about show jumping as yet. The content in the posts gives some background on show jumping, and then others talk about the challenges that both horse and rider face when learning and competing.

Show Training

Those who become involved in the sport of show jumping will either keep it to an amateur level or become professionals. The choice is theirs but either way, there is some training involved. This is more intense when it comes to professional competing. Here, some great posts cover this topic.

Transporting the Horses

Not all competitions take place locally, and horse and rider are often required to travel. Here, the reader is going to learn more about this.

For those who are thinking of getting into show jumping or have an interest in it, this site should be a useful resource for them.