Transportation by Horsebox

The majority of owners will want to invest in a horsebox, so they have a convenient way of transporting their horses. There are several different factors to take into account when purchasing this item.

Number of Horses Which Will Be Transported

A good deal of thought has to go into how may horses need accommodating for travel. A person may start out owning one horse but shortly invest in more. Being prepared for this by having a horsebox which can accommodate more than one will be advantageous.

Size and Weight

Horseboxes which can accommodate two or more horses will need to be at least 7.5t. This sized trailer usually has three stalls and a living area that can vary in size and style.

The size refers to the payload. This means how much weight is allowed by law to be put into the horsebox. If the seller does not know what this is, then the horsebox can be taken to the weighbridge to determine what the weight of the trailer is when unloaded. This is then subtracted from the weight of the horses being transported. Then, you can refer to the regulations for payloads for that sized trailer, to determine if it will meet your needs.

The Extras

Keep in mind that a horsebox which is decked out with a lot of extras is going to add extra weight to it, which could restrict the horse’s weight that you want to haul. Some of the many extras that can be found in the horseboxes are air conditioning units, televisions, generators, and so on. If these are felt to be necessary, then the option is to go with a bigger trailer.

Driving Capabilities

Another thing which has to be considered is the law that will allow you to haul the horsebox that you are thinking of buying. Hauling a horsebox is different from just driving a vehicle without it.