Transporting Horses Outside of the Country

No matter what distance a horse is going to be transported, the utmost care must be taken to keep it safe and with as little stress as possible. In today’s modern world, the convenience of being able to transport horses by air is an option.

Reasons for Transporting Horses by Air

There are undoubtedly a lot of reasons why animals such as show jumping horses would need to be transported by air. Quite often, it is because they are being relocated to another country. This could be for a competition. Or it could be for a special event other than for contests. Another reason may be for breeding purposes or for selling the horse.

Water and Feed During the Transportation

No matter what mode of travel is being used for the show jumping horses, or any horse, they must be kept comfortable. During the flight, they should have access to water and be given hay every four hours, or alternatively using a slow feed hay net. The idea is not to let them eat too much during the flight or to eat too fast.


It is always recommended that an experienced veterinarian should be on board the plane to supervise and monitor the care of the horse. If the horse should run into any issues, then the vet is there to deal with them.

The Flight

Horses are not normally transported on traditional flights. It usually means having to charter a plane which is designed and equipped to transport the horses. These planes have special enclosures designed specifically for horses.

Transporting a horse by air is not cheap. Depending on where the horse is being transported to, the costs be anywhere between £8000 to £30000. Most often, the number of horses being transported this way dictates the price. If an owner is carrying more than one horse, then the cost will be cheaper.