Challenges Which Come with Show Jumping

When spectators are watching a horse show jumping event, it appears to be smooth, flawless and graceful. Even those who are into other horse sports, such as the jockeys who race, are sometimes under the perception that this type of jumping is easy.

The Challenges

One of the ways that those who have the misconception of jumping being easy can learn it’s not is by trying <a href=”

“>horse jumping themselves without any training. There was one such group of jockeys who tried this, and they soon changed their opinions about the ease of this sport.


One of the many challenges the horse jumping rider faces is being able to get their mount to manoeuvre the tight turns which are present around the fences. This takes hours upon hours of training for both horse and rider.


Not only do horse and rider have to clear the fences and hurdles, but they are also racing against the clock to complete a seamless round.


The riders have to know how to give the cues to the horses at the exact right moment. The horse has to be trained to the extent where they can identify these cues, and respond to them the instant they are given.

Keeping the Horse Disciplined

The rider has to know how to read their horse. They need to determine if the horse is settled enough so that it’s going to be able to focus. There are a lot of factors which can affect the mindset of the horse. They can be tired from travelling. Or they may not be adapting well to a new environment. Although they are well trained in jumping fences and hurdles of all different types, each performance is a new one for them.

Anyone who thinks that horse jumping is an easy sport needs to take a moment and think about what is happening in these events.