Training a Horse for Show Jumping

Show jumping is a partnership sport which takes place between horse and rider. They both need equally as much training if they want to win the competitions that they enter.

Choosing the Right Horse

Show jump riders need a horse which they can count on in many different ways. Not only in the show ring itself, but in the training segments as well. This is because a close bond is formed between the rider and the horse.

The Right Characteristics

Although most horses can be taught to jump and clear fences, it doesn’t mean that they are all going to be show material. For the rider who wants to compete, they need to find the horse which has the physical stamina for the tasks at hand, as well as the mental ability to withstand all that will be demanded of him.

The Training

The training has to begin by the rider getting the trust of the horse. Then, they have to work with the horse until it learns to cooperate. It takes time for the horse to learn the cues which the rider will give for each action they want the horse to perform.

Starting with the Basics

Every horse will vary in their journey to becoming a jumper. It will undoubtedly depend on how long it takes the rider to learn the crucial cues. The horse also has to adapt to the style of the rider. Overall, it can take a few months to get a horse to master the basics. It will begin by introducing the horse to one pole, which they will learn to walk and trot over. Then, the process is repeated, with them doing this over several poles spread out. Next, will be moving on to be able to canter over the series of poles


Once they have adapted well to this part of the training, they will be able to move onto the preparation for the jumps.