Training for the Rider

Not every rider who is going to enter horse jumping competitions will have the task of training the horse they will be riding. What they will have the responsibility for, is preparing themselves to be a competitive rider.

Making the Right Decision

Before even entering into training for show jumping, the rider has to know that this is something they want to do. It is not a decision to be made in haste. Before taking this step, the rider should really become informed as to what will be expected of them.

The Right Equipment

The rider will need the right equipment as this will be a necessity in the show ring. This means the training will begin with familiarising themselves with the necessary items. This will include a helmet, the proper boots and the different items which make up the tack for the horse. The saddle used for horse jumping is much different from that used for western riding.

Seat Development

The first few lessons will focus on the rider learning how to develop their seat while on their mount. This means learning how to find a secure seat which can change for each gait. The time to master this so that its flawless will vary according to each rider.

The Poles

Just as the horse has to learn how to handle the poles, so does the rider. They will basically follow the same learning format as the horse in training does.

Getting the Feel of the Horse

The horse has to go through a series of actions which is natural to them when making a jump. The rider has to be able to allow the horse to do this. Part of the training will include learning how to do this. The rider cannot interfere with the horse’s natural actions.

These are just a few aspects of the very detailed training the rider must go through who wants to be successful in horse jumping.